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Our goal is to help all small businesses, with the mission of assisting minority and women-owned businesses. California Southern works with business owners identified as having potential for success, but who cannot qualify for a traditional loan without a guarantee.


California Southern can guarantee up to 80 percent of a loan with a maximum dollar exposure of $2.5 million and a maximum term of seven years. There is no minimum loan level. To be eligible for a loan, each business must be unable to obtain financing without a guarantee and demonstrate repayment ability.


Borrowers must first apply through a bank participating in the State Loan Guarantee Program. After the participating bank has approved the loan, they will send the full loan package to California Southern, who will submit the loan to the State of California for eligibility review. Following the State’s review, the loan is then presented back to the California Southern Loan Committee and Board of Directors for final credit approval.


Upon approval, the participating bank will contact the applicant to sign the final loan documents and disbursement. This process may take 2-3 weeks from the time California Southern receives the full loan package.

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